Colder temperatures could impact plants

TULSA - With temperatures expected to drop into the 30s Wednesday and Thursday experts are offering advice about how to protect plants.

Experts say some plants are not a match for freezing temperatures, even if the conditions only last a few hours.

"Most of these are warm season annuals and for these they need the much warmer weather. They're not going to like this 30 (degree weather)," said Pat Calnan with Southwood Landscape and Garden Center.

Calnan suggests covering plants that depend on warmer temperatures to survive.

"I would cover them if you could, with a sheet, would be fine. A lot of these have been planted in pots, so you could take a plastic bag and put it over the pot," said Calnan.

Calnan said keep the plants covered until the temperatures warm up later in the morning,

"I would wait til 10 or 11 o'clock. I'd like to see those temperatures up to upper 30s. I'd feel a little bit more comfortable with that," said Calnan.

Calnan also advises people who recently purchased tropical plants to wait until the cold weather snap is over before putting them outside.

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