Cold Start To 2014 In Tulsa

The first forty days of 2014 are complete and it has been a very chilly start to the year. January was colder than normal with an average temperature of 35.8 degrees. That was nearly two degrees below average for the month. However, the first ten days of February, we have been in the deep freeze! The average temperature is 39.8 degrees but February 2014 is currently averaging 23.9 degrees, or almost 16 degrees below average!

In the graphics, you will notice a consistent pattern. In those years when January was colder than average (2010 and 2011), the first ten days of February were also colder than average. In contrast, when January was warmer than average (2012 and 2013), the start of February was also above average.

Over the past three years, when February starts out colder than average (2011), warmer weather later in the month pushes the final monthly average closer to the "norm". The opposite is also true, when February starts out warmer than average (2013 and 2012), cooler than average temperatures have occurred later in the month to bring the final monthly average closer to the "norm"!

That is good news if you are wanting warmer weather to return. If the recent past is any indication, expect warmer than average temperatures to move in as the month continues!


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