Cold Case Spotlight: Damesha Hunter, mother of 4, found shot to death in own home Oct. 14, 2010

TULSA, Okla. - Years can go by and there can be no tips or leads in a cold case.  Now 2NEWS is working to spotlight unsolved homicides in an effort to get them solved.

It was Oct. 14, 2010 when Damesha Hunter, a young mother of four, was found shot to death in her own home.

Her husband said he had been on the phone with her when someone knocked on the door.  After that, he couldn't get in touch with her again.

When he went home to check on her he found her dead.

"We haven't ruled out anyone, it's still an ongoing investigation," said Detective Eddie Majors.  "There are things we find peculiar about this investigation, like there was no sexual assault on the victim, there was no robbery, nothing appeared to be disturbed in the house."

There are some twists to this case.  Just a few weeks before the murder, Hunter filed a protective order against her husband but it expired and she didn't pursue the matter further.

After Hunter's death, a letter came to light from a woman who claimed to be carrying Hunter's husband's baby.  Police have still not been able to locate that person.

"Whoever is the person that sent the letter, and it was 'Kee Kee', if that is in fact who you are we definitely want to speak to you but we don't know for sure because we've been unable to locate who this 'Kee-Kee' is," said Majors.

Police are hopeful the time that's passed might give someone the courage to speak up.

"I can't reiterate enough, these people need to step up and say 'I know what happened' or 'this is what I heard', because if they heard something it may lead to something, building like a snowball that actually helps us solve this case," said Majors.

If you have any information about Damesha Hunter's murder, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.  You can remain anonymous.

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