Tulsa clubs take active steps to prevent disasters like in Brazil

TULSA - The deadly fire that broke out in a Brazilian nightclub and killed more than 200 people sent shock waves around the world.

"It's just something that you pray never happens, that you have a plan in place, that you never have to execute," said Angela Green.

Green owns the Electric Circus dance club, Enso bar and the IDL Ballroom in downtown Tulsa. She says they have layers of security in place for emergencies.

"We have all of our exits marked clearly in the building, and we always make sure that's up to code and we're meeting all of that," she said.

A complete fire suppression system and 24-hour alarm system covers the connected venues.

Security staff stay connected through radios with headsets that allow them to hear over the booming music. Meanwhile clickers at the doors track how many people come in and out to keep the club below capacity.

"We think about all these things all the time. And even though we'll -- knock on wood -- never have to use any of these systems that I've put into place, we have them. They're things that everybody's aware of," Green said.

Firefighters say in an emergency, as soon as you hear an alarm go off, you need to start moving.

"Make sure you pick out that exit where you're going to go to. And don't get in such a panic that you try to run over the person in front of you, 'cause if you cause them to trip, it's going to slow you down," said Capt. Stan May with the Tulsa Fire Department.

The fire department says exit doors should not be chained, and you can call them to report that. Fire officials do random inspections of clubs throughout the year.

Venues that use pyrotechnics in their performances need a permit and have to check in with the fire department before the show can start.

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