Claremore police at odds with District Attorney's office

CLAREMORE, Okla. - In the quiet town on Claremore, trouble is brewing between the police department and the Rogers County District Attorney's office.

At the heart of the controversy is Claremore police investigator John Singer.

In recent months, district attorney Janice Steidly has raised concerns after her office says it noticed inconsistencies between an affidavit Singer wrote in a rape case and the suspect's admissions during a taped interview with Singer.

"Det. Singer stands by what he did. He stands by that interview," said Singer's attorney Chad Neuens.

Neuens points out his client has not been charged with perjury, but it has prompted the DA's office to take a closer look at Singer's credibility.

Transcripts from a federal case where Singer testified in 2010 have come to light. 2NEWS obtained a copy of the transcript.

According to court transcripts from a 2010 federal case, Singer testified that when he was a rookie, he had a traffic accident on duty and tried to cover it up by making it look like he struck a deer.

"It was never put in his file," Neuens said. "The initial issued occurred in 2000 when Det. Singer was a rookie. He made a rookie mistake."
When an officer's credibility as a witness is called into question, it's called Giglio or Brady material. Prosecutors are required to provide it to the defense before that officer testifies.

2NEWS obtained a copy of an email from Steidly to Claremore police chief Stan Brown in January, asking for Giglio material on Singer for a case.

Browns response was, "There is nothing in his file that constitutes "Brady/Giglio". Nothing in his performance or personnel actions has ever had the need to be presented to a finder or fact for consideration of wrongful action regarding this area of case law."

First Assistant D.A. M. Bryce Lair tells 2NEWS, "As of today, we still don't have that response from the Claremore Police Department."

Chief Brown says he doesn't want to go on camera. He says he doesn't want this case to be played out in the media, but says when the DA's office made the request on Jan. 8 there was nothing in Singer's file that needed to be disclosed.

Brown says on Feb. 28, he started an internal investigation after hearing about Singer's federal testimony. He says he had no evidence of the testimony until he received a copy of the transcript from the city attorney on Tuesday.

Brown says the investigation is still ongoing and it's too soon to know what, if any, action will taken against Singer in regards to his admissions on the stand.

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