City of Tulsa sewer truck falls into 9-foot sink hole

TULSA - A city of Tulsa utility truck became stuck in a 9-foot sink hole Monday when the road gave way near 400 S. 47th W. Ave.

City of Tulsa spokeswoman Michelle Allen said the road caved in because of a defect in the underground sewer line, which corroded the road.

It took several hours for the truck to be removed.

Allen said the City already had a contract to have the line fixed but the cave-in occurred before the project started.

A contractor is on the scene, excavating the line.  No timeline for repairs was available.

Allen said the truck is a high-pressure sewer cleaner and it was heading out on an emergency call when the road gave way.

Both men inside the truck were uninjured.

The road will remain closed while repairs continue.

2NEWS Reporter Liz Bryant will have more on this story tonight at 5 p.m.

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