City of Tulsa's curbside storm debris removal to be completed this week 2 months after July storm

TULSA - Two months and more than $100,000 later, storm debris cleanup is nearly complete.

A July 23 storm downed trees and sent limbs to the ground, prompting the City of Tulsa to offer a special collection of storm debris.

Tulsans were able to place debris too large for regular greenwaste collection at their curbs.

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City of Tulsa spokeswoman Michelle Allen said Monday yard waste removal will be 98 percent complete by the end of the day.

Since July 29, crews have worked 10 hours a day, six days a week to complete the one pass through each Tulsa neighborhood.

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Initial estimates were that debris cleanup would take about a month.

As of Aug. 20, the debris removal operation cost the city about $133,000 in overtime.  Out of that total, $64,000 was used from the general fund, leaving more than $70,000 for any costs that may occur during the winter season.

"For the past two years, Tulsa has seen mild winters and we've had the opportunity to save a substantial amount of salt and materials that will be available this winter, if needed," said Dan Crossland, Streets and Stormwater Department director.  "Every storm is different, and the city will react accordingly and appropriately to protect the safety of our citizens.  If more money for overtime is needed this winter, above the $70,000 we already have, options are available through cost savings we have in our department.

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