City of Tulsa residents notified by letter of website hacking threat to personal information

TULSA - A week after the City of Tulsa's website was hacked, city officials are notifying residents of the potential threat to their personal information.

There was an attempt to access one of the city's computer servers, which hosts the city's website.

Officials say the investigation thus far indicates attempts to access data were "most likely unsuccessful," though the city took the site offline as a precaution while the investigation was launched.

"We don't believe that its likely that anyone accessed the information, however we also don't have any evidence that information wasn't accessed," said Tulsa City Manager Jim Twombly.

Letters were mailed Tuesday to all individuals whose information was potentially accessed.  These people included online job applicants and citizens who reported crimes to the police department through the website. Among the information that may have been compromised were social security, phone and driver's license numbers.

The letters contain Web links and information to credit monitoring agencies and consumer protection information.

City officials have established a resource center to take calls and respond to email to those who received the letters.

"Like numerous cities across the country, the City of Tulsa experiences and successfully repels attempts to access IT infrastructure every day," read the statement.  "The City of Tulsa IT officials regret the inconvenience this may cause and they are implementing a comprehensive assessment of the City servers and IT infrastructure to prevent unauthorized access and to restore the full website."

A criminal investigation is under way and during the extent of the investigation officials say no other details will be made available.

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