City of Tulsa reassigns 911 communications director to IT department

TULSA - Tulsa's 911 communications director has been reassigned, city officials have confirmed.

Terry Baxter will be part of project management in the Information Technology department.

Tulsa's 911 center has been under heavy scrutiny following the drowning death of Tulsa teenager Dario Hogan.

2NEWS found that it took nearly an hour for emergency crews to be dispatched after the first 911 call.

The city of Tulsa says it has been reviewing the 911 center for 90 days.

Tulsa Fire Department deputy chief Scott Clark will be the interim communications director.

Baxter joins an IT department that has also come under fire of late. Tulsa spent thousands of dollars in response to a hacking scare that ultimately came from a company the city hired to do so. Chief Information Officer Tom Golliver was placed on administrative leave last month.

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