City of Tulsa officials talk winter preparations, say they're more prepared than recent years

TULSA - City of Tulsa officials attended a press conference Monday, announcing their preparations for the upcoming winter weather season.

The city's Streets and Stormwater Department says they're ready for winter with more resources than in recent years.

Because of last year's mild winter, most of the 2011-2012 supply of salt was carried over for use this year.

About 14,500 tons of salt are currently available in case of snow or icy.

Seven more truck-mounted salt and sand spreaders are in stock -- a total of 62 trucks.

Mayor Dewey Bartlett said after two severe winters with crippling ice and snow storms, the city has devoted more resources to its response operations, working with police, the transportation authority and other agencies to add four-wheel-drive vehicles and other equipment needed during winter storms.

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