City of Tulsa, ODOT road crews treat main and arterial streets, no plan to clear residential areas

TULSA - Road crews continue to treat area streets following the weekend snowfall, however no plans are in place for them to approach residential areas.


Leon Kragel, Operations Manager for the Street and Stormwater Department, tells 2NEWS that his crews will focus their attention on main and arterial streets. He says crews will work around the clock to prevent any possible refreezing that may occur on Monday evening.

Kragel and plow driver Carlos Dumas are hopeful that mother nature will help clear the snow off of residential roads.

"Tomorrow, if the sun shows its face like today and the weather gets better or warmer, then basically this will go ahead and accelerate the melting process," Dumas said.

At this point, there is no word on how much longer the crews will continue treating the streets.

As of 4 p.m. Monday,  Oklahoma Department of Transportation reported clear roadways over much of the state.

"The sunshine has helped greatly causing some melting, aiding ODOT's  clearing efforts," ODOT offiicals said in a release Monday afternoon. 

Below is a list of resources to check road conditions throughout Oklahoma and Kansas:

Call *55 for emergency roadside assistance.

Oklahoma Department of Public Safety
(888) 425-2385

Oklahoma Turnpike Authority
(877) 403-7623

Kansas Department of Public Safety

Kansas Turnpike Authority

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