City of Tulsa employee Van Hughes suspended, cited for poor management leading to unsafe vehicles

TULSA -- Disciplinary action against a City of Tulsa employee will stand.

City of Tulsa maintenance manager, Van Hughes, was suspended for five days after numerous complaints concerning unsafe city vehicles .

Hughes had appealed the suspension, but Thursday the civil service commission sided with the city and ruled his five-day unpaid suspension would stand.

The fire department testified that a truck's wheels fell off while in route to a call and site poor repair work as the reason.

"There's been occasions in which the rear wheels of the fire apparatus have fallen off while the vehicle was in transit," said Mike Mallory with the Tulsa Fire Department.

The police department also mentioned shoddy repairs and duct tape used on vehicles.

"The repairs that went bad or whatever, those are just a handful. it's a lot easier to bring up bad things then all the good things, the other 40,000 repairs that went just fine," said Van Hughes, the employee who appealed the disciplinary action.

Hughes also said a lot of the problems were not part of his responsibility to address and called it political.

Still, the Civil Service Commission sided with the City of Tulsa, agreeing that Hughes was negligent and incompentent.

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