City of Tulsa email suggests website shutdown not act of hacking

TULSA - The hacking scare that temporarily shut down the city of Tulsa's website for more than a week may not be as open and shut as initially thought.

An internal city email that appears to have been sent by one of the Tulsa's IT managers indicates the website was not hacked and was a "non-issue."

Shortly after the shutdown, the city sent out letters to "potentially impacted individuals," stating attempts to access confidential information were made but were unsuccessful.

The letter states personal information, such as a person's name, address, social security number and driver's license number, " may have been accessed".

The letter was sent to individuals who applied for a job with the city of Tulsa online.

But the internal email claims the city is aware of "where it came from" and that no one is at risk of losing their personal information.

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