City exploring plan for more parking along Riverside Drive

TULSA - Finding an open parking space is a pesky problem for park visitors along Riverside Drive, but city officials say help may be on the way.

Jada Rawles is a frequent park visitor.

"I think Riverside parking is very difficult most of the time," said Tulsa resident Jada Rawles.

Andrea Parker is another regular visitor.

"It's usually hard. We got lucky today," said Parker.

Parker knows her luck will run out eventually.

"I think they could use some more parking spaces. It makes it kind of hard because it's so small. You have to park a couple miles down the road if you want to come to an event," she said.

Drivers aren't the only ones hoping for something to be done.

Tom Dittus is managing partner at Blue Rose Cafe.

He says while the location of the cafe, on the Arkansas, is great, more parking would be better. "It's a challenge all the time," said Dittus.

City officials say they understand the frustration.

They're currently reviewing a draft plan that would create up to 90 additional spaces on Riverside, near the cafe.

"We would really welcome that. Obviously anything that would help both the park users and our guests, we would be very happy to see," said Dittus.

Traffic officials say more meetings will have to be held before the plan can go forward.

Until then, drivers will just have to be patient.

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