City councilors take midtown Tulsa bike tour

TULSA - Four members of the Tulsa City Council rode bicycles along Cherry Street Sunday to experience what it's like for cyclists on city roadways.

Victoria Bartlett also participated in the ride organized by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board (BPAC), which is charged with advising the council on issues affecting cyclists and pedestrians.

The tour took councilors through some of the various bike trails in midtown.

"Bicycling and walking are great ways to get around Tulsa, and we're just trying to improve those conditions in Tulsa. We wanted them to get first hand experience of what it's like out here," said Stephen Lassiter, board chairman and cyclist.

Councilor Karen Gilbert is an avid runner and knows about the conditions pedestrians face on Tulsa roads.

"I'm hoping to raise some awareness about the lack of sidewalks and trails here in the city of Tulsa," said Gilbert.

Some councilors said they don't ride or walk as often as they should but they are encouraging more Tulsans to consider this as a mode of transportation, even if it's just for quick trips.

Councilor Jeannie Cue's west Tulsa district includes Route 66, a favorite for cyclists.

"I totally support bicycling," said Cue, who brought her granddaughter along for the tour.

A separate group took a walking tour through areas of midtown.

Lassiter said BPAC will make recommendations about ways the city can improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians this summer.

The other councilors participating in the tour were Phil Lakin and David Patrick.

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