Child found naked, locked in metal dog cage in north Tulsa home

TULSA - A Tulsa man was arrested after police found an 18-month-old child covered in feces and locked in a dog cage.

William Lewallen, 47, was booked in jail on a charge of child neglect.

Police entered the home on the 4900 block of Frankfurt Place on Sunday evening after neighbors heard a child crying outside for more than 20 minutes and found a naked 4-year-old in Lewallen's backyard.

When a neighbor knocked on the front door of the house and heard no answer, he took the child to his own home and called police.

Arriving to the home and hearing screaming and crying, officers looked through a window and saw a small naked child locked inside a metal dog cage.

After entering the house, they were met "with the overwhelming stench of feces," police said.

Freeing the child from the cage, they saw she was covered with feces.

A search of the rest of the house turned up Lewallen passed out in bed with a naked 3-year-old child beside him. Police said he appeared to be impaired by either drugs or alcohol to such a point that he didn't hear his children screaming and crying.

Lewallen, the children's father, reportedly denied to police knowing how the 4-year-old had gotten outside or how the 18-month-old got locked in the cage.

The Department of Human Services took all three children into custody.

Neighbors say the family had moved in to the house two weeks ago and mostly kept to themselves.

"I saw them once since they've been living here. I saw the guy outside with the kids. He sat on the porch and they sat out playing in the front yard," said neighbor Everett Tottress.

Tottress never saw the kids playing with other children on the block.

Neighbors say a woman also lived at the home.

Police were not available to comment Monday on whether the woman would also be charged with a crime.

Neighbors are heartbroken over the matter.

"They look for us as adults to guide them, to be there for them and this is a terrible thing to see little kids go through this."

According to Oklahoma Department of Corrections records, Lewallen was convicted last year in a Tulsa manufacturing of controlled dangerous substances case and also has past convictions for grand larceny, possession of a stolen vehicle and second-degree burglary.

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