Cherry Street Farmers Market now open

TULSA - The Cherry Street Farmers Market is open for the season.

The market is full of  fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs grown locally.

"I saw this strawberry plant and I really wanted mommy to buy it," said Max.

Teri Fermo, who runs Moveable Feast Caterers out of a food truck, has been dishing out her colorful creations for eight years.

While she juggles familiar names, "Lindsey", Fermo tells a customer her order is ready, she's also catching up with familiar faces.

"How pregnant is she now? Is she showing?," Fermos says. "All the babies are getting big on me. That's the fun part of about Farmer's Market. It's the dog and baby show. Everywhere you look there's a dog and baby."

Michael Appel is just a few booths down at Three Springs Farm. Michael and his wife grow organic spinach using fish and seaweed for natural pesticides. They've been selling their produce on Cherry Street for 10 years.

"The food brought us together but now it's way more than that," Appel said. "The food is still important but it's also just about how are you doing are people and they want to know how we're doing."

Customer Deborah Freeman said, "It's definitely worth getting up and getting out of your house for."

But here, the main topic is less on Michael's spinach and more on his expanding family. He hopes his four month old daughter Lizett can one day pave her way at this market. 

"I was thinking like 'Lizett's Eggs' or something like that. Maybe get her some chickens," Appel said.

The Cherry Street market is open on Saturdays from 7 to 11 a.m. until Oct. 26. The market accepts up to $20 in SNAP. Some vendors also accept WIC.

There are also two new farmers markets in Tulsa. A Sunday market at Guthrie Green and a Thursday market in west Tulsa in the Redfork district.


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