Center of the Universe Festival aftermath counts 37,000 tickets sold

TULSA - 'It was hot but I think people were having so much fun people didn't even notice."

Fans poured into Tulsa's Brady Arts district by the thousands, 37,000 to be exact, for the Center of the Universe Festival.

"Oh, I think it's one of the things that puts us on the map. "We had so many people from out of state, out of the country, people who had never been to Tulsa,” said Phil Kaiser, Center of the Universe Festival co-founder.

Kaiser says there were 111 bands during the three-day event and fans lined up to hear the headliners and the new artists.

Organizers hoped to sell 40,000 tickets and ended up selling 37,000.

"Despite the fact that it wasn’t free this year, people came out and feels like they got value for their money. You know, any one of these bands, the headliners especially, people would pay a lot more to see just one of them and they got a lot more than that."

Monday, just days after the festival, the Brady Arts district showed no sign of trash or disrepair.

Art instructor Libby Williams and her students noticed Guthrie Green looked especially clean just a day after thousands visited the same spot. 

"I feel like it's a good sign you can't tell there was a festival,” she said.

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