Catoosa middle school teacher Heather Cagle was fired Wednesday night after snack run gone wrong

A Catoosa teacher and varsity cheer coach was fired Wednesday night after a snack run gone wrong.

In a 4-1 vote, Catoosa school board members fired Heather Cagle after her five and a half hour "due process hearing." Cheerleaders and parents hugged Cagle and cried as she walked out of the building.

Cagle was suspended with pay Oct. 23.  She admitted taking 11 yearbook students to Walmart on a snack run Oct. 21. Two students were left at Wells Middle School. 2NEWS first reported the story after a parent filed a police report .

Cagle cried as she told board members "it was a terrible mistake. I didn't want to hurt anyone. I just wanted to do something nice."

During the trip to Walmart, rwo kids rode in the locked trunk of Cagle's Honda Accord, seven crammed in the back, lying in the floorboard, and two sat in the front.

Walmart is just behind Wells Middle School and has a connecting parking lot.

Cagle's attorney Richard O'Carroll believes they were all just having fun and no one was in any inherent danger. He said Cagle only violated a seat belt law and pointed out her exemplary school record since 2005.

The attorney representing Catoosa Public Schools called the snack run "mental abuse." She claims Cagle told students to keep it "hush hush" and points out not having school administrators or parents' permission is a violation.

Parking lot video shows it took five minutes for everyone to wiggle into the Honda Accord. Attorneys agreed no one forced the two girls into the trunk, however they are 12-year-old children.

O'Carroll fears this will leave Cagle with a big red mark on her record, making it difficult to acquire any future teaching jobs.

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