Cars stalled in flooded street after water line break in west Tulsa

TULSA - Crews worked to fix a waterline on Thursday afternoon on 33rd W. Ave. near the I-44 overpass. There have been 30 water main breaks just this month.

A city spokesperson says a 12-inch line broke around 8 a.m. on Thursday.

The morning rain combined with the pipe breaking, caused the road to flood. Several cars were stalled after driving in the flood waters.

Six residents and one business were without water.

City officials didn't immediately know the cause of the break, but suspect it could be due to a shift in the soil. The soil had been dry and after the recent rains, it cause the soil to move and that can cause a break.

The 2NEWS Investigators poured over 3,900 breaks over the past three years. We found old pipes are leading to huge problems.

There are 300 miles of pipe that are 75 years or older.

Another issue, is having enough crews to work on the lines.

"The City of Tulsa doesn't pay our employees enough to fill all of our positions," said Joan Arthur, Asset Manager for the City of Tulsa.

In fact, in mid-June there were 40 positions open in the water and sewer department. The 2NEWS Investigators also found employees are making the same starting pay today as they did six years ago.

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