Carney families found refuge in storm shelters during Sunday evening's tornadoes in Lincoln County

CARENY, Okla. -- Several families in Carney are picking up the pieces at their homes after a tornado ripped through the south side of town Sunday.

Five people survived this storm in one home.  Five more survived at a home just down the road.  They all credit their storm shelters for saving their lives.

According to the state emergency management office, six people were injured in the Carney storm.

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There is not much left of the home Gary Clark grew up in.

"We've lived here for 50 some years," Clark said.

In the last five decades they have had some close calls, but they took a direct hit Sunday.

"It was a big white big black funnel," he said. "It was massive. I could tell real wide."

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Gary and his family huddled together in their storm shelter.  There was so much debris when the storm passed they had to wait 15 minutes for Gary's son to come rescue them.

"Pretty massive tornado, as far as I could tell," Clark said.

That massive tornado also destroyed the neighbors' house about 200 yards down the road.

Just like Clark, Janee Kaiser's family also went to the storm shelter.

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In Kaiser's case though, the cellar door blew off and she says rain and pieces of the house were falling inside.

Though these two families are without a home they all said that is not what is most important.

"We're all OK. Thank God. We can rebuild."

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