Second victim dies in accident near 71st Street, Elwood; police say driver was under the influence

TULSA - Two construction workers were killed Monday after a teen driver crashed into them near Tulsa Hills, according to police.

Traffic investigators say the 18-year-old driver admitted to taking pills earlier in the day and was under the influence at the time of the accident.

Officer Craig Heatherly said the driver traveled westbound on 71st Street when he went into the grass for about 150 feet. The vehicle hit a concrete slab, went airborne, struck two contractors and landing on the car's top.

Ronnie Blagg Jr., 46, died at the scene after he was pinned under the car. Mike Turner, 48, died later at the hospital after he was pushed into the roadway.

Blagg and Turner were working on the traffic signal at 71st and Elwood. They were speaking with a city inspector, who walked away just before the vehicle struck.

The 18-year-old driver and passenger were treated for minor injuries and released from the hospital.

Heatherly expects to arrest the teenager in three to five months.  For the time being, investigators are waiting for blood test results to see what the alleged pills were and the intoxication level.

Right now, police could only arrest the teen for a misdemeanor traffic ticket without the additional probable cause.

Traffic & Lighting Systems, the company Blagg and Turner were employed by, issued a statement Monday.

"Mike and Ronnie were much more than employees at Traffic & Lighting Systems. They were part of the Traffic & Lighting Systems family.  Mike and Ronnie were both great team players with a great work ethic and were very safety conscious employees.  The tragedy today leaves all of us at Traffic & Lighting Systems mourning their loss. They will both be greatly missed... Due to the large amount of road construction currently going on in the Tulsa area, we implore the motoring public to be extra cautious,  more aware, and safety conscious in construction work zones."

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