Uninformed voting: Can you leave part of the ballot blank?

TULSA - It's just about time for Oklahoma voters to head to the polls, but some local political experts wonder whether they're ready.

"All the studies say that there's a significant number of the voting population with a very low level of information," said OU professor and former mayor of Tulsa, Rodger Randle.

Voters going to the polls without really knowing the issues or candidates is nothing new.

But Randle says that could be the case more than ever this year, with voters deciding on six complicated state questions on the ballot.

"They can be complex," said Randle. "They can be difficult to understand. And we're probably better off if voters who don't know what they're doing, just go ahead and leave the ballot blank."

But some voters ask if they do leave parts of the ballot blank, what will happen to the other issues they do vote on?

"People wonder if they leave something blank will it still count or not? And it will count," said Tulsa County Election Board Secretary Patty Bryant.

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