Buy Broken Arrow, Buy Bixby numbers drawn Monday

12/20 UPDATE - Two more drawings Thursday for unclaimed prizes

The Fates have spoken and two Green Country residents are $10,000 richer. Love was in the air too.

Drawings for Buy Broken Arrow and Buy Bixby held Monday afternoon revealed seven other winners, as well as the two top prizes.

Winning the $10,000 prize in Broken Arrow was 0295226, the $3,000 prize, 2110058, and the $2,000 prize, 1412061.

The $3,000 prize has yet to be claimed as of 2:30 p.m. Dec. 19.

In Bixby, the $10,000 prize went to 4762537; 4165685, 5308446, 4288166 and 4191441 each won $1,000 and ticket 5284164 won a Cox Bundle.

But the biggest winner in Bixby Monday was 4099888. That number belonged to Audra Mathews, who, when asked on stage what she wanted most, answered "That $10,000!"

To which the host replied, "How about a lifetime of love and affection?"

Enter Ronnie Rose, Mathews' boyfriend, who -- taking a knee -- asked those special words. "Will you marry me?"

A tearful Mathews joined Rose on the ground, falling to her knees in disbelief.

She said yes.

Romance aside, those holding the winning tickets have until 3 p.m. Dec. 20, to claim their prize. At that time, new winning numbers will be announced for any unclaimed prizes. The process will repeat until the prizes are claimed.

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