Burglary ring investigation grows

TULSA - An investigation into a burglary ring that targets storage units continues to grow.

Another suspect has been arrested and thousands of dollars in stolen property was recovered on Thursday.

A series of search warrants at mini-storage units across Tulsa netted Tulsa Police a treasure trove of stolen property.

The units had been rented by suspects in a burglary ring that has been linked to at least 100 victims and the list continues to grow.

Sgt. Brandon Watkins tells 2NEWS, "We have rental agreements, just over the last month for dozens of places between here and Oklahoma City. So given their history, each one of those probably has a lot of victims in it."

Watkins says the suspects would break into other storage units, then stash the stolen property in the space they had rented.

Luther Wray and his girlfriend Jani Blakesley were arrested Tuesday. Brett Chamberlain was arrested in Rogers County Wednesday night.

Matt and Angie Crosser's storage unit was burglarized three weeks ago. They never thought they would see any of their property again, including some items with sentimental value.

Matt says, "It was a football I had gotten signed a couple of years ago at an OU spring game. I just had all the players sign it. But I wasn't even thinking about it not being there. I didn't even know it was missing. So it's just cool to see that. I wasn't expecting it."

Tulsa Police believe the suspects also hit storage unit businesses in Owasso, Broken Arrow, and Oklahoma City.

Police are confident that as they search even more storage units, they will uncover even more victims.

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