Brother of Tulsa County Courthouse shooter killed by Tulsa police in 2005

TULSA - 2NEWS has confirmed the brother of the suspected gunman in Wednesday's courthouse plaza shooting was shot and killed by Tulsa Police in 2005.

Andrew Dennehy's brother, Brian, was a suspect in the murder of the brothers' grandfather in Oklahoma City.

Two days after retired Air Force Col. Bernard Dennehy, 81, was found murdered with a blunt object outside an Oklahoma City tire shop, Tulsa police began searching for Brian.

Officer Jason White discovered Brian's vehicle outside of Waterford Apartments near 51st and Harvard. 

Dennehy was hiding in the backseat of the car and fired at the approaching officer.

White shot back, killing Brian.

Andrew, 25, is suspected of firing into the air at the plaza between Central Library and the courthouse before exchanging fire with two deputies.

Sources close to the situation say Dennehy suffered a gunshot wound to the face and was taken into surgery late Wednesday afternoon.

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