City of Broken Arrow main water line repaired, boil order still in effect

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - The main water line that pushed Broken Arrow's water supply to the brink has been repaired, the city has confirmed.

City officials urged residents to conserve water Tuesday after a "substantial" break in a line from Pryor to Broken Arrow severely depleted its supply.

It will still take city workers several hours to refill the tanks.

A city of Broken Arrow boil order is still in effect. City staff will begin testing the water supply at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, officials say.

Officials are calling the measure a precaution.

"The storage tanks are at critically low levels and the line break is prohibiting the city from receiving the water volume needed to supply the city," said Stephanie Higgins, Broken Arrow director of communications, said shortly after the news broke.

Higgins said the main water line was shut off after it couldn't be treated due to a power outage Monday night. The break occurred when power was restored and the valve was reopened.

Residents are being asked to limit their water usage for essential purposes only, like cooking and bathing, until further notice.

"We are asking our customers to use as little water as possible until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning to give our crews time to repair the line and refill and recharge the water towers," Higgins said.

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