Teens arrested for breaking into babysitter's home and stealing a Playstation 3 at gunpoint

Two 16-year-olds have been arrested for stealing a Playstation 3 from a Broken Arrow home Friday night, with the use of a firearm.

According to police reports, a babysitter was watching two children at a Broken Arrow home when three males wearing bandanas over their faces opened the unlocked front door and walked into the home.

One of the suspects pointed a semi-automatic handgun at the babysitter and the children, while the another suspect grabbed a PlayStation 3 gaming console. The three suspects then fled the home in a silver four-door vehicle.

The babysitter stated she recognized one of the suspects, whose bandana was not covering his face. The babysitter drove the suspect's home in Tulsa, and told the suspect's mother about the incident. At that time, the suspects drove up. One suspect exited the vehicle with the gaming console, and took off running through an apartment complex.

Broken Arrow police were able to locate the driver of the vehicle and the suspect who ran away with the PS3. The driver told police he came to the victim's home with the intention to steal the PS3. He also said the gun was real and not a toy, although he did not believe it was loaded, according to reports.

The second suspect also admitted to taking the PlayStation and then hiding it as he ran from the victims.

Police have been unable to locate the stolen item.

Two of the suspects, the driver and the suspect who ran with the gaming console, were arrested Saturday on felony complaints of first-degree burglary and robbery with a firearm.

Their bond was set at $70,000 each.


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