Broken Arrow Public Schools says it will employ a crossing guard across from Country Lane Elementary

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Fears from families in Broken Arrow are at ease tonight after the district announced it's going to fill a crossing guard position thought lost for the 2014-2015 school year.

The crosswalk is located on East 51st Street South between North Elm Place and South Lynn Lane Road.

According to Broken Arrow Public Schools Public Information Officer Shelli Holland-Handi, letters are being sent home Friday to explain that the position will be funded and employed by the district. She says phone calls will go out as well.

There is debate, though, over how the district got to this point.

Holland-Handi says BAPS was given notice by the City of Tulsa that the guard position was cut from the current City of Tulsa budget. In response, Holland-Handi says the district, without previously budgeting for it, took the position once belonging to the City of Tulsa. She adds that BAPS has provided every family in the neighborhood located across the street with an option to ride the school bus.

In response, the City of Tulsa says the position was never considered for elimination and that it was the Broken Arrow Public Schools that approached the City of Tulsa about taking over the position.

In full the City of Tulsa made this statement:

"Broken Arrow Public School representatives approached the City of Tulsa stating they would take over the crossing guard position at this location. The position in question was never scheduled for elimination by the City of Tulsa. At the request of Broken Arrow Public Schools, the City of Tulsa School Safety Coordinator provided a written notice stating the City of Tulsa would no longer fund the position, per their conversation. The crossing guard that was once working for the City of Tulsa is now working for Broken Arrow Public Schools in the same capacity."

Maria Euresti, who walks her grandson to school each day, says she really doesn't care which side is to blame for crossing guard issue. As long as the position is filled, Euresti says she and other families are happy.

"That would be the ideal thing to do is just to settle it and have a crossing guard. That's the main thing. The children are the main concern," she said.

The first day of school is Thursday, August 21.

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