Broken Arrow nursing home prepared for water emergency with backup water supply

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Along with restaurants, pools and even a hospital, all sorts of businesses are affected in Broken Arrow by the water emergency.

One business forced to make changes is the Broken Arrow Nursing Home.  Owner Paulie Poormon tells 2NEWS the second the water emergency was put in place they sprung into action and right now everything is running fine.

Poormon said the city notified them Tuesday night and she immediately got to work.

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"We've shut the water off underneath the faucets just in case," said Poormon. 

The home's water fountains are out but everywhere you look inside the Broken Arrow Nursing Home there's jug after jug of water.

"We got our water and got our ice," she said.  The ice is from a nearby restaurant and Poormon said there is plenty of water to drink and stay clean.

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She says they boiled water to wash their hands and faces.  She says they still have enough water for residents to take baths.

"It's just part of our lives of having people to be responsible for," said Poormon.  "We have a plan. We know what our plan is and we do it."

Poormon believes the staff and residents there will be just fine no matter how long the water emergency lasts.

She says she's dealt with water outages in the past and the good thing about this one is the plumbing still works.

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