After Broken Arrow water emergency, Tulsa firefighters ready to assist if needed

TULSA - A city without sufficient water may raise concerns about what could happen in the event of a fire.

After a water main break that nearly wiped Broken Arrow clean of its water supply, Tulsa firefighters were placed on standby in case help was needed a suburb away.

"Tulsa and Broken Arrow have mutual aid agreements with almost every department surrounding us," said Stan May, TFD spokesman.

Tulsa firefighters say there are only a couple of situations where their help would be needed on any given day -- a major grass fire or an industrial fire.  But they're still always ready.

"They don't have to call and put us on standby, we're ready to go and they're ready to go," said May.

The water emergency in Broken Arrow is well into its second day and is expected to last a full third day.  A boil order remains in effect for water customers in the event of cooking or drinking and customers are still being asked to conserve water.

Stay with and 2NEWS as we continue to follow this situation.

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