Broken Arrow company, L-3 AMI, looks to rapidly expand, 60 engineering jobs now open for hire

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - High-paying jobs are open right here, right now in Green Country.

L-3 AMI near 61st Street & 129th East Avenue in Broken Arrow is looking to hire 60 people.

L-3 President Lenny Genna announced the expansion Thursday afternoon, along with Governor Mary Fallin, before the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce.

"We won the work, we're now bringing those jobs in," Genna said. "With a partnership with the State of Oklahoma, based on all the support we got, it makes us think about our ability to continue to grow." 

Genna said Gov. Fallin's Quality Jobs Program gave the company the final push to invest in Broken Arrow. The program gives payment incentives and tax breaks.

He said the hardest part, however, is finding workers with the needed skills. L-3 contracts with U.S. military and military allies around the world. Workers build cockpits and platforms for fighter jets. L-3's in-demand jobs are in the engineering field -- mechanical, electrical and drafting.

Genna said the average pay is $60,000.

Throughout the afternoon, Fallin boasted of how she is getting companies to expand in Oklahoma instead of Texas.

As cameras rolled, she made a point to ask Genna "Were there other states you considered?"

He replied, "Absolutely, just south of here. I don't know if Gov. Rick Perry will invite me back now."

Fallin responded, "So you're saying I beat Texas once again."

L-3 also hopes to expand by 1,500 square feet in the next year.

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