Bridenstine beats Sullivan in US Congressional District 1 race

TULSA - Lots of hard work -- that's what Jim Bridenstine says prompted a close race against incumbent Congressman John Sullivan.

Sullivan has been in Congress for more than a decade, but Bridenstine says people want a change in the way Washington is working.

He says he's running on fiscal responsibility and that's what the voters want.

"Everybody told me from the very beginning that we were going to be way out spent that we didn't have experience, but the reality is this, the American people are tired of the way Congress has been doing business. They're tired of both republicans and democrats spending recklessly and putting us in this bad position," said Bridenstine.

After several hours and dealing with computer glitches at the state election board, the five-term Republican incumbent Sullivan conceded to Bridenstine in the race for the Tulsa-area congressional seat.

With 100 percent of the 1st Congressional District precincts reporting unofficial results, Bridenstine had 54 percent of the vote to 46 percent for Sullivan.

In the past several weeks, Sullivan and Bridenstine squabbled over who was the most conservative choice to represent the district that includes the city of Tulsa.

Bridenstine is a Navy pilot who has tried to paint Sullivan as a career politician who has become out of touch with working-class Oklahomans because he voted for things like bailouts, debt ceiling increases and "government takeovers."

After the race, Sullivan says he plans to head back to Washington Wednesday morning and continue work as usual until January.

Bridenstine will face off against Democrat John Olson and Independent Craig Allen in the November election.

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