Brett's Weather Blog: Warm this week, but what about this weekend's storm?

Wow!  What a Wednesday!

I am back!  I have been off from work for the last week. I was moving my family to Tulsa from Kansas City.  It was tough to say goodbye to some great friends but we love our new neighborhood in Bixby!  My kids are excited about being Bixby Spartans!   

OK, I still crack up when the camel commercial comes on, "Hey Mike, do you know what day it is,"?  "Come on Mike!"  

Yes, by now we all know it's hump day or the middle of the week.  The day to get through before we can start putting the weekend in our sights.  But we really need to enjoy today and tomorrow.  Because weather-wise these two days will be great!

Huge Warm Up  

Wednesday will easily be in the 60s.  Thursday should be in the 60s but as a cold front approaches and moisture surges northward from the Gulf of Mexico the warming could stop in the upper 50s.  As I write this I am growing more confident that low clouds and drizzle will form by Thursday afternoon.  I have posted the surface map for Thursday afternoon below.

Mobile users can see it here --

Even with the low clouds, there should be enough southerly wind Thursday to lift temperatures into the 60s before the cold front arrives.

What About That Cold Front?

The cold front blasts through Green Country Friday morning. Temperatures will fall behind the front into the 30s if not the upper 20s by Friday afternoon. There is also a chance for some rain, freezing rain and sleet Friday. At this point, the amounts look very light but could still cause a few of the road surfaces to become slick.  Bridges and overpasses anyone? 

Here is where the forecast gets tricky. The front hangs up over southeastern Oklahoma and west-central Arkansas. When that happens the cold air stops or at least starts slowly creeping southward. But how far south will cold air make it? That is going to determine whether we have all rain, freezing rain, sleet or snow. 

Below is a map that shows precipitation, in various shades of green, yellows, oranges and a dark bluish looking hue. Essentially, the darker the color the heavier the precipitation. 

Mobile users can see it here --

Now, look again at the map and notice a purple line labeled "Freezing Line." This line separates temperatures above freezing from below freezing. Anywhere below the line, the temperature is above 32 degrees. Anywhere above the line, the temperature is below 32 degrees. Above the line, freezing rain, sleet or snow. Below the line, likely all rain. 

Notice Tulsa and all of Green Country is below the freezing line. So at this point, it appears we will have a very wet, but NOT icy rain Saturday. Again, at this point! Of course we will be watching that freezing line here in the Storm Shield Weather Center over the next couple of days. 

I will be posting updates not only here but also on Facebook and Twitter between now and Friday. Thanks for taking a moment and reading the blog. Any questions? Shoot me an email at .

Have a happy Wednesday!


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