Family of 5 survives severe weather in Broken Arrow despite winds tearing off roof of home

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - The roof of a Broken Arrow home was torn completely off early Thursday morning as the result of severe weather.

2NEWS confirmed extensive damage to a home near 131st and Garnett just after 1 a.m. The majority of the house's roof was found resting on the property's front yard, along with numerous fallen branches and debris.

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Emergency crews found the owners of the home at a neighbor's house. The family of five reportedly hid in the lower level of the home when the storm hit.

Remarkably, none of them were injured.

Homeowner Chris Glimp said he was watching the news, about to send his children to bed when they heard the wind pick up and felt the house shake for about 10 seconds.

"We were trying to dive and get underneath the stairs like you're supposed to do," said Glimp.  "To find a safe place but it was over with before we could even get there."

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The tattered home was the first evidence of the destructive potential of the overnight storms tearing through northeastern Oklahoma.

The area was under a Tornado Warning at the time of the storm's impact on the house, but officials have not confirmed if the severe weather that devastated the Broken Arrow home was an actual tornado.

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