Bixby High School makes nutrional additions and changes to lunch menu

BIXBY, Okla. - It's the day before school starts at Bixby High School and students will probably notice changes to their lunches as the year progresses.

"Tomorrow, first day of school, we'll start working with their menus, their recipe development."

Eli Huff recently took over Bixby’s food service program.

"The whole district for union for three years, we worked with Fort Gibson schools doing culinary training, culinary workshops."

Behind the change are new federal nutrition standards.

"A lot of what was behind it is the idea of bringing in fresh fruits and veggies into school meals and a color-coded system instead of the step pyramid we're all used to when we grew up."

The rules require schools offer certain healthy options -- though the students have some say.

"The was a lot of regulation that schools are not used to cooking with, especially fresh vegetables and fruits, so what we've done over the last three to four years is develop recipes that are fun and engaging for the kids, but also incorporate those USDA regulations.”

Huff hopes to expand the program, incorporating a school garden and produce grown at Bixby farms and tapping in to this farming community's roots.

"Tying into the farming community here in Bixby, and trying to bring some fresh, healthier, fun-tasting menu items for the kids' meals this year."

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