Bilingual 'help wanted' at Tulsa 911 Call Center

TULSA - There is a major need at Tulsa's 911 call center.

For months the city has been looking to fill several spots for bilingual call takers and that search is becoming more urgent.

It began in January. The goal was to fill six positions.  Seven months later all six spots are still open.

Terry A. Baxter, Public Safety Communications Director, told 2NEWS that he can't put his finger on why there isn't more interest in these jobs.

Since January, 15 people applied but only four met the requirements.

Of those four, they either didn't show up for, or pass, the necessary test.

These are critical jobs that need to be filled with the increasing Hispanic populations in several parts of the city.

"Right now when we get a person who speaks Spanish, we have to do a triage with a third party translation service over the telephone and have that person interpret for us which as you can imagine increases the length of the call," Baxter said.

Not only does it increase the length of that call, but it also takes the operators away from answering other calls.

If you are interested, you can fill out an application at

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