Best Buy Tulsa trial: Willie Wise found guilty for shooting, killing two people in 2012

TULSA - One of two men accused in a deadly shooting at a midtown Best Buy store has been found guilty.

Willie Wise is convicted on two counts of first degree murder after two people were killed in the July 2012 shooting. 

The jury recommended Wise serve a life sentence, without parole, on both counts.

As he was leaving the courtroom, Wise said, "I ain't got nothing to say. Sorry for the victims, though."

Scott Norman, 34, and Graydon Brown, 58, were both killed outside of the store near I-44 and Yale, in a crime prosecutors called "gang retaliation." Brown was an innocent bystander, shopping at the store with his young daughter.

Both victims' families left the courtroom declining to comment.

"I think that the jurors have sent a message to all the gangs in Tulsa, that there will be a reckoning day," said Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris. "If that's the kind of activity that you want to be involved in, although this verdict doesn't bring either of those poor people back, it speaks justice."

The jury spent more than two hours deliberating the case.

Prosecutors alleged there was a "mountain of evidence" for jurors to convict Wise.

"You're the only 12 people on the face of this earth that can give that [Brown's] family and Mr. Norman's family justice," Harris told the jury.

Wise's defense attorney, Adam Haselgren, argued a key witness in the trial wrongfully pointed her finger at Wise, in an attempt to protect the other suspected murderer, Jeremy Foster, and herself.

Jury selection for Wise's trial started Monday afternoon. Foster's trial has yet to begin.

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Foster and Wise both pleaded not guilty. 

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