Best Buy shooting suspects charged with murder

TULSA - Two of the suspects in last month's fatal shooting at a Tulsa Best Buy have been formally charged with murder.

Willie Wise and Jeremy Foster are both charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

Police say Wise shot and killed two people at the midtown store July 14.

Authorities say 34-year-old Scott Norman, a known gang member, was the target of the shooting.

Police say surveillance video showed Wise approaching Norman outside the store. Wise allegedly fired a number of shots, which several callers estimated to be around seven or eight.

Norman and an innocent bystander were both shot. They died after being transported to a nearby hospital.

Investigators say Foster was in the car while the shootings occurred.

A third suspect, 30-year-old Shania Craven, faces two charges of accessory to first-degree murder.  Police say she was driving the car used in the shootings when it was recovered by police.

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