Benefits scheduled to help north Tulsa man shot four times in attempted armed robbery

TULSA - A north Tulsa man is home and recovering after he was shot four times, during an attempted armed robbery.

Jack Wagner was taking out his trash, Jan. 14, when he says a man approached him and demanded his wallet. When Wagner refused, he tells 2NEWS that the suspect shot him.

"It's not like I had time to think about making or doing anything," Wagner said. "It just happened."

Wagner was treated and released from an area hospital. He continues to recover at home, although he is still unable to return to work.

"That's very frustrating for me, to not be able to go to work and not being able to lift things up and carry them is really frustrating" he said.

The attack is taking a financial toll on Wagner, who says he will not be able to return to his job for at least six months. His wife is also taking time off to care for him.

Currently, Wagner says he does not know where he would be, financially, without God's Shining Light Church, where he is a member.

"Honestly by this time, I'd probably be living under a bridge, because I just wouldn't have the financial means to continue the way we are," he said.

The church scheduled a scripture run and banquet dinner, to benefit Wagner, for Saturday. About $12,000 was raised through the fundraisers. 

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