B.C. Franklin Rec center demolition delayed

TULSA - The demolition of a popular north Tulsa recreational center has been postponed.

The Tulsa city attorney agreed to temporarily save the B.C. Franklin Recreational Center on hold as legal motions progress through the court system.

The city calls the facility a potential hazard that would cost millions to restore. Officials want it torn down and replaced with a splash pad and pavilion.

But the project has opposition.

"We have children that utilize that park, grandchildren and now great grandchildren," said Patricia Gaines, one of six individuals who joined together to file litigation against the demolition. "And for them to remove that and demolish it leaves a lot of children in our neighborhood without anything to do."

The group doesn't just want the center to stay -- they want it restored.

"We want the building renovated. We want it refurbished," said the plaintiff's attorney Anna Benn. "We want the city to spend the tax dollars that were allocated on the refurbishing of the building. We don't want a splash pad. And that's a $405,000 splash pad, and we don't want it."

Both parties met behind closed doors at the courthouse Friday and came up with a temporary agreement:

  • Group agrees to drop their temporary restraining order application while judge waits to hear citizens' temporary injunction motion.
  • City attorney agrees not to move forward in interim

"We are going to fight it as long as it takes," Gaines said.

Attorneys for both sides hope to work together for the next five days to come up with a date for the next hearing.

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