Basketball camp sees spike in numbers, Thunder get some credit

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Thunder fever is catching and some say it's igniting a love of basketball in a younger generation.

Union's summer basketball camp is seeing one of it's biggest years to date.

"When they come out here that's all they try to be, 'I'm Russell I want to be the point guard, I want to be Kevin Durant and dunk on people,'" said camp counselor Shawn Olden.

In the sea of Kevin Durants and Russell Westbrooks, it's fair to say the Union 3-6 Grade Basketball Camp has Thundered Up.
"I think it's huge, the impact they've had for our state," said Union boys basketball coach Rudy Garcia.

"I think it's brought excitement to the game to another level," he said.

Garcia has run 17 summer camps, and he says two big factors are playing a part in this year's success.

"It's one of the biggest. You know, I think coming off a state championship season generated interest and obviously the Thunder and their success and what they're doing in the state," Garcia said.

"I want to be like the Thunder some day," said 9-year-old camper Bryson Wolfe.

Coach Garcia expects the Thunder's success to help keep camps like this one full in the years to come.

"I think with the Thunder being here it's going to continue to build momentum for the game of basketball in this state," Garcia said.

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