Bartlesville-filmed Terrence Malick 'Untitled' movie starring Ben Affleck gets a name

The 'Untitled Terrence Malick Project' movie starring Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams filmed in Bartlesville in 2010 now has a name.

According to the Classification and Rating Administration's website , the movie has been entitled "To the Wonder" and is set to be released this year.

The movie, according the website, is rated "R" for sexuality and nudity.

According to The Internet Movie Database , the Terrence Malick-directed film is a "romantic drama centered on a man who reconnects with a woman from his hometown after his marriage to a European woman falls apart."

Other stars appearing in the picture are Jessica Chastain, Rachel Weisz, Olga Kurylenko and Javier Bardem, among others, according to IMDb.

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