Baby born in stuck ambulance during snow storm in Tulsa

TULSA - A baby wouldn't let blizzard conditions keep him from arriving into the world earlier this week.

Tuesday night Demetric White called EMSA to send out an ambulance because she felt her baby was ready to be born.

White said she and the baby's father got their car stuck trying to venture out in 14 inch deep snow earlier in the day, so she knew she couldn't make it to the hospital driving on her own.

But the ambulance was no match for the deep snow either.

"It got stuck and he was ready to come!" said White.

White said she was in so much pain in the back of the ambulance and that she was nervous about the possibility of not making it to the hospital.

"The first time we got stuck I said in my head, 'I am going to have this baby in the back of this truck.' And then when we got stuck the second time, my contractions started coming seconds apart and I was like, 'Yeah, I am about to have him!'"

Once the ambulance was stuck for the second time, little Johnny the 4th made his debut - three weeks early.

Because of the record-breaking snow, 31st Street and the Broken Arrow Expressway will always have a special meaning.

"I thought about naming him Little Blizzard," said White.

Despite the emergency delivery, both baby and mom are healthy.

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