BA school board opposes Kialegee casino

The board of education for Broken Arrow Public Schools voted Monday to officially oppose the Kialegee tribe plans to build a casino at 111th and 129th East Avenue.

The district joins a growing list of opposition to the casino.

The board agreed to take what legal steps it can to stop the casino from being built.

Broken Arrow Public Schools has several campuses within a two-mile radius of the site, including a new elementary school just half a mile away.

The Kialegee tribe says reports of improper activities surrounding its proposed casino are erroneous.

The tribe says misinformation has been circulating, and politicians have been citing erroneous reports.

They say the tribe has worked with federal and city officials to insure full disclosure and compliance with laws, and has jurisdiction on the land under tribal treaty rights and as a member of the Creek Confederacy.

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