BA resident tells council casino might not be so bad

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Tuesday night's Broken Arrow's city council meeting had a much different tone than the last one.

Two weeks ago residents against a controversial casino were calling for resignations. Now the group is working even closer with city leaders.

There was also a surprise from one of the speakers.
Jared Cawley, a leader of the " CasiNO " group, was the first to speak.
Cawley has been working with the city attorney on an agreement.
"It says that the city will not take any action to contract with the Kialegee or any of the developers on those lands until such time they have received all legal approvals," he said.

Councilors approved it Tuesday night.

Had it not been, the group was calling for an amendment to water and sewer ordinances.
The changes could have impacted connections at the site.
Nine portable trailers are now on the land.
Many wonder what happens next - like Marquitta  Jackson.

"You know what, this may not be the end of the world and not everyone is against it," said Jackson, who lives next to the casino.
Jackson hopes it brings in more commercial development and money into the city.

" Somebody's probably talking to QuikTrip right now going come on baby, come on casino, because I want a QuikTrip  across the street. T
here's a lot of small towns that are struggling and here's Broken Arrow acting like they don't need it and they don't want it."
The tribe sent a statement to 2NEWS saying the casino will meet all legal requirements, and that work is being done so that the site is self-sufficient with water and sewer needs.
The state attorney general has filed a lawsuit against the tribe and developers.
It is currently pending in federal court.
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