Authorities arrest two suspects accused of robbing, assaulting winner from Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

WAGONER, Okla. - Authorities arrested two suspects in connection to the beating of a man who was found in the middle of the road near the Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa.

Investigators were looking for 38-year-old Charles Powell when he was located by Tulsa County deputies and arrested Monday. He was turned over to the Wagoner County Jail.

Tuesday afternoon, 25-year-old Phillip Michael Patton was arrested for his part in the crime.

Powell has been arraigned Tuesday and was issued a bond amount of $100,000; Patton has yet to be arraigned.

Both men face charges of first-degree robbery.

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The two men  were wanted in connection with the assault and robbery of a 40-year-old man from Guatemala in the 28900 block of East 4th Street South, said Wagoner County Sheriff's Department Major Gary Handley.

"The suspects beat the victim extensively and left him in the roadway after taking his personal possessions and cash," said Handley. 
Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert says the 40-year-old man had just won nearly $2,000 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, where he was befriended by the men.
"A couple of guys befriended him, gave him a ride and that was his first mistake -- getting in a car with these guys, but they had offered him a ride home," said Colbert.
Colbert says winners should seek security escorts offered by casinos.
"Any time anybody wins any money at the casino, that large amount of money, I mean they have to be cautious. I mean, when somebody when all of the sudden becomes their friend, I would highly recommend that they not get in the vehicle with anybody," said Colbert.
Amanda Clinton, Cherokee Nation director of communications, says winners who net more than $1,200 are required to fill out a tax form. At that time, they're are given a variety of options including whether they'd like a security escort to their vehicles.
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