Crews run low on food and water amid wildfire

CREEK COUNTY, Okla. - Many of the fire crews battling grass fires in Creek County have been running low on food and water, and citizens are stepping up to help out.

For the past two days, crews from several departments have been trying to gain the upper hand, but the fires have taken a toll on them and the supplies they need to keep going.

"We've been fighting this fire since yesterday and we've just been handing out sandwiches and cereal bars, nonperishable things the firefighters could stick in their pockets and we were running out of things to give them," said Barbara Smythe of the Freedom Hill Fire Department.

The department sent out a Facebook message on Friday afternoon, saying "we are running dangerously low on food and water! Any thing you could bring would help."

A short time later, donations started pouring in.

"We were surprised about the number of donations we've had from private individuals, area businesses, local groups. It's just been amazing," said Smythe.

Lori Roach lives about a mile from where one of the fires has been burning. When she heard firefighters were in need, she took action.

"I donated oranges, bananas, water, Gatorade, crackers," she said.

If she could, Roach said she would donate more.

"I think we all grew up here and we pretty much know that when someone needs us, we help," said Roach. "They do a great job. It's without fail. They're there all night long."

Smythe said volunteer fire departments depend a great deal on support like this from the community.

"We couldn't make it without the community," said Smythe.

Smythe said if the department ends up a surplus of water and food, they will share it with neighboring fire departments, who are also running low.

Food and water donations can usually be brought to individual fire stations. Call your local department for more information.

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