Artists shut down early after Saturday night storms damage tents, art at Blue Dome Arts Festival

TULSA  - Artists are tearing down their tents in downtown Tulsa as the Blue Dome Arts Festival is coming to an end. But for some artists the festival was cut short.

Sunday morning, the streets are paved with bent metal and canvas from vendors' booths strewn about.

It was what remained of several tents that belong to artist at the art festival, and this was the aftermath from a storm rolling through Saturday night.

Today, Trey Fillmore is throwing away some of his prints because of water damage, and while he conquers clean up from the storm, he notices more damage.

One of his original paintings is missing.

"It's his Marilyn Monroe with a price tag of $500.

"My wife is right, I should have taken the Marilyn picture home," he said.

Organizers say 30 percent of the tents here are damaged, including Heather Cerchie and her husband Jason's tent.

"Most of it was about 20 feet that way," Heather said.

They are packing up and leaving the festival because of this, and they are thankful none of their items are missing.

The couple has heard bartenders at surrounding bars came out and began saving artist's work. So thieves wouldn't take off with everything.

"We really lucked out here and want to give a big thanks to the guys of the blue dome," Jason said.

Filmore says he's watching Craiglist to see if Marilyn shows up.

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