Area residents react to Obama gun control proposals

TULSA - Like the rest of the nation, many area residents are divided over President Obama's gun control proposals, which were announced at a White House press conference Wednesday.

The president urges Congress to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity gun magazines.

Obama signed 23 executive orders to improve background checks for gun sales. Executive orders do not require congressional approval.

The president also wants lawmakers to close remaining loopholes related to background checks.

The TV set inside 2-A Shooting Center in midtown Tulsa was tuned to the president's press conference, but few people were watching.

Benjamin Cardenas, an 81-year-old gun enthusiast, practiced firing his pistol while the president was speaking.

"He wants to tear the Constitution up," Cardenas said when asked about Obama.

 Cardenas said more gun laws are not needed.

"There's enough laws. If we enforce them, we wouldn't have any problems," said Cardenas. "If you don't like guns, don't buy them, don't have them. If you like them, you should be allowed to buy them and use them properly."

Eric Fuson, general manager of the shooting range, did take time out to watch the press conference.

Fuson feels Obama should leave the decision making to Congress.

"Quite frankly, I don't believe they have the votes in the House and the Senate to pass a restrictive gun legislation act for the country," Fuson said.

Not everyone opposes the president's plan.

"It's long overdue," said Judy Eason McIntyre, chairwoman of the Tulsa County Democratic Party.

McIntyre supports Obama's gun control proposals.

McIntyre calls opposition to Obama misplaced.

"This does not take away anybody's guns," she said. "This just ensures public safety for all of us."

McIntyre believes the president's proposals will help prevent tragedies like Newtown.

"All of us know that something different has to happen, and hopefully this is the first step," she said.

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